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  Virtual Classroom Courses
  35+ Self-Paced Courses
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Online Self-Paced Courses

Take self-paced online courses at your convenience and own pace, with unlimited access to courses in various emerging technologies.

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  InfoSec Certification Prep Courses
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InfoSec Certification Prep

Choose from exam preps of any of your certification of choice.

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Weekly Live Training Access

Select your virtual classroom training of your choice through a calendar from a variety of virtual classroom topics.

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  Learner Analytics & Reporting
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Full Learning Dashboard & Analytics

Get insihgts into how your learning is impacting business goals.

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Community Access

Solve your IT problems from 5000+ community experts.

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  Hands-On Virtual Labs
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Virtual Labs

Learn by doing through hands-on labs.

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  Mentoring & Discussions
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Live Instructor Support

Live Instructor Mentoring & Support

Are you stuck? Solve your problem by taking advantage of peer-to-peer and coaching discussions.

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  Learning Paths
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Learning Paths

Learn through personalized learning, assessing your competencies and adoptive learning methods.

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  Informal Learning
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Informal Learning

14000+ Micro-learning videos, Use-cases, E-books, etc..

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Billing starts after your 30-day free trial ends. Subscription plans do not include Virtual Instructor-Led Classroom courses. Free Subscription Plan does not include Hands-On Virtual Labs, and has limited access to Mentoring and Discussions. See our training library for a full list of courses. Number of courses in subscription can vary and increase or decrease depending on course retirement or availability.


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How We Prepare You
For A Career In Information Security Training:

  • We offer you a tailored learning path as per the skills you need.
  • We constantly allow you to upgrade your skills with hands-on labs.
  • We offer a 100% cost free career counseling service.
  • Get access to unlimited cyber security certifications.


Jennifer Alton's Journey Through InfoSec

Check out a Jennifer's scenario of a real-world example of their infosec certification journey and what leads to workforce readiness and job promotion.
  • I worked as an entry level System Administrator.

  • I signed up for infosecacademy.io and personalized my learning experience based on my career goals.

  • I selected a learning path for Certified Cloud Security Professional.

  • I finished the courses and obtained my first CCSP Certification by completing my exam.

  • I was promoted to an Cloud Security Specialist.

  • I continued with my subscription to learn about the fusion of other technologies with InfoSec.

  • I enrolled in an CompTIA+ Security to meet our cyber security goals and took the certification exam.

  • I was then promoted to an Director of Security Strategies.


Start Your Certification Journey

And Get Unlimited Access To Information Security Certifications To Define Your Career:

Cloud Architect

Information Security Analyst

Plans and carries out security measures to protect from expanding threats.
Security Engineer

Security Engineer

Expert in maintaining IT solutions for security, identify threats, and developing trusted systems.
DevOps Engineer

Cyber Security Engineer

Responsible for architecture, developing and fielding secure networks.
Data Engineer

Security Specialist

Expertise support services with internal technology asset, identify threats, and define standards.
Learn From The Best

CloudInstitute.io Instructors are some of the best experts and instructional designers in the IT industry, with knowledge spanning across several different topics including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Security and more. Here is what they and their students have to say:

Our Instructors

Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living...

Cloud Training

Joe Holbrook

Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to...

We Provide InfoSec Certification Training To People Who Work For The World Finest Companies


Shuneza Saved

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless

Gavin Lord



Kannan Subburayan



Jimy Gajjar


Read What Our Alumni Have To Say - They Love Us, And We Love Them

5-Star Review

No Other Subscription Compares.

I used to use Pluralsight but made the switch and am happy I did so. InfoSecAcademy.io offers real live instructors and I find that invaluable to how I absorb learning. It's an enjoyable experience.

Eric Chapa, Penetration Testing
5-Star Review

I Saved Over $10,000 With InfoSecAcademy.io.

When I found out it was going to cost over $10,000 to get the full range of training I needed for my certification, I turned to InfoSecAcademy.io. The cost of a single subscription allowed me access to it all.

Jack Hart, Cyber Security Specialist
5-Star Review

What A Cool Learning Experience!

I was blown away by the different features you get when you use InfoSecAcademy.io's learning dashboard. I can segment, personalize, and drill down to exactly what I want to learn, so my subscription is tailored to me.

Mack Benzos, Security Awareness
5-Star Review

I Enjoyed The Self-Paced.

I decided to move subscribe when I had to cancel our initial class date due to a busy schedule on another site. This was an effective and cost efficient solution with complete flexibility.

James Mark, Security Management Specialist
5-Star Review

5-Star Customer Support For Sure.

I take customer support and service very seriously. InfoSecAcademy.io knows how to deliver. They have real life learning concierge officials ready to assist and help you find an answer to questions you have.

Jason Jackson, Secure Coding Specialist
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