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According to forbes, elearning market is $107 B. More and more people are starting to take courses online or through virtual instructor, so become a part of the growing market and help QuickStart make a difference in the way training is delivered and consumed.

You don’t have to be an instructional designer or experienced in creating online courses. It is very simple to create courses, create quizzes, assessments and publish engaging courses through the QuickStart course authoring platform.

If you already have already created online course(s) , you can easily upload the courses through the course authoring platform.


Join our efforts to help transform and advance technology careers. If you already hold live classes, but don’t have a way to promote and fill the classrooms, you can do that through QuickStart. It's simple:

  • Create Your ExpertConnect Profile
  • Upload a Class Schedule Through Our Platform
  • Participate in Our Revenue Share
  • Publish The Course

Become An Instructor

Share your knowledge and earn an income. Join a team of hundreds of virtual instructors who teach virtually either part-time or full-time. As an instructor, you will teach the course online on a pre-determined schedule using the standard course materials available and get paid for it. You do not have to come up with the course material and course outline, and only have to bring your expertise to the table to teach the students enrolled in the class.

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