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Accessing Subscription Content

Once you have purchased a subscription, you can access all of the content found within your subscription from your dashboard. You can instantly launch self-paced courses or RSVP in virtual instructor-led courses, depending on what your subscription has access to.


Please try the following steps to access your subscription content:
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • If you are having issues logging in, or do not know your password, you can request a new password using forgot your password.
  • Navigate to your "My Courses" section. There should be a button on the left have side of your dashboard. Some users may also have a "Learn" section. This section is where all of your courses can be found, including subscription content and any courses you may have started or were enrolled in outside of your subscription.
  • From here you can search and filter all of the courses found in your subscription, and access them instantly.
  • For self-paced courses, click the "Rocket" launch icon. This will open our Course Player and start your course automatically.
  • For virtual instructor-led classes, click the "Calendar" icon for any courses you do not have an active date scheduled. This will allow you to RSVP into any dates available. Conformations will be sent once you RSVP. Virtual instructor-led classes you schedule are subject to our class cancellation policies for subscriptions.
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