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Certificates Of Completion

Certificates of completion are issued automatically on your dashboard once you complete the course. For self-paced courses, this happens immediately once you finish the course. For virtual instructor-led courses, this typically takes 24-48 hours to update our system with your attendance. Once your attendance is recorded, you will see your certificate on your dashboard.


Please try the following steps to download your certificate:
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • If you are having issues logging in, or do not know your password, you can request a new password using forgot your password.
  • Navigate to your "My Courses" section. There should be a button on the left side of your dashboard. Some users may also have a "Learn" section. This section is where all of your courses can be found, including subscription content and any courses you may have completed. If you have multiple courses you have completed, you can click the "Completed Courses" filter to show any active courses you have completed.
  • Click the "Trophy" icon next to the launch "Rocket" icon to download a PDF of your certificate.
  • If you do not see a trophy icon, it may be a 3rd party course (see details below). If you still need assistance,you can contact support at to fix the issue. For virtual instructor-led courses, make sure you include the course name, class date, account representative, and email address you signed up to the class with.

3rd Party Certificates & Certifications

Some courses in our platform are provided by 3rd parties, and do not issue a certificate automatically.
  • Courses provided by edX do not issue certificates automatically and must be purchased as an additional option.
  • Microsoft Official Content self-paced courses will only issue certificates once QuickStart staff has verified you have completed the course. For more information, see article on Microsoft Official Content and how to request a certificate from your dashboard.
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