The word hacking means to access the data, network, digital device, or any application. However, ethical hacking is something entirely different. This hacking is used for beneficial purposes, which is successfully done by cybersecurity experts. The attack of malicious hacking is potent, so to get over its ethical hacking is used. Hackers can easy exploit any unwanted vulnerability in the device. So, to cope with these problems, ethical hacking is now what companies are doing and hiring for.

An ethical hacker is also known as a white-hat hacker, working as a protective shield to overcome any security issue. This cybersecurity expert will work to get access to unwanted vulnerabilities in any digital device or a network. The difference between the white hacker and the black hat hacker is that white hat hacker is working to strengthen and help the company while black hat hacker is using its skills to destroy a company’s policy. An ethical hacker works only when the owner allows him to do so. There are many strict policies related to it, according to every company.

What are the Major Techniques of Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the main category of white hat hackers and has further many types. White hat hackers use many tools and techniques to get access over a network or digital device. The main categorization of tools ethical hacking is as follows:

➔    Vulnerability assessment:

This type of assessment is to rank and identify the possible vulnerability attacks that can be present in a system. There can be a lot of damage do the applications and data if you do not take quick security measurements. So, these types of hackers have a look at the software. Otherwise, it could even have catastrophic results. Every application or software must have some sort of bugs present in it. So, in this case, privacy and adequate security is a must. Here are some of the significant stages that followed by ethical hackers for affective working:

  • The hacker must prepare a whole catalog, which has all the sources and information present in it.
  • After that, the second stage of the hacker is to rank out all the data and information based on their value and importance.
  •  Now, the hacker’s task is to find out the existing potential vulnerabilities in the system that would protect from any sort of risk.
  • After following all these stages, hackers will report all these vulnerabilities to the system or company so that they can work in a malware-free environment.

Finding vulnerability is also a way to analyze and protect the data. Source code can be the way of finding out any vulnerability present. However, the problem arises when the score code is not present. In this case, the white hat hacker can also use other tools to access and analyze the software’s data. Scanning, gaining access, and exploiting are some of the used tools for vulnerability assessment.

➔    Penetration testing:

It is a testing methodology to check out and to apply different kinds of procedures to see if any sort of vulnerability is still available. This security test highly helps the company to secure their data. When the white hat hacker is using this test, he or she should keep in mind the possible attacks that a black hat hacker can do. The penetration tests can be:

  • White box test in which detailed information is provided to the tested system.
  • Another test can be a black-box test in which the hacker has provided little or no information about the system, which is under observation. In this process, the white hacker must perform duty on its own.

 ➔    Red teaming:

It is a physical facility, product, or service to protect the company from environmental defenses. This test usually takes a lot of time, as the hacker might not have any information. It uses software tools and exploits of the physical environment.

What are the benefits of Ethical Hackers?

Nowadays, there is a considerable demand and recommendation of ethical hackers in the companies to protect their software and systems. An ethical hacker can only understand and read the mind of the black hat hacker so it would be easy to protect the security of any company. These hackers know how to use the defense mechanism for their companies. If a company does not have an ethical hacker, it would be a disadvantage for the company. Moreover, it could have catastrophic results on the system. Hackers know the weak point through which they can make their company secured.

Such things have led to the successful career path of ethical hacking as companies need the experts. The CEH certification online training is now available to the interested students to make them an IT expert for their successful careers.

How can you become a Professional Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacker does not require any degree to get this course done. There are many online resources present through which you can become an ethical hacker. Theses online courses will be providing you training and practice, which is essential to become an experienced and professional hacker. You can get yourself prepared from CEH certification online. Figuring out the material is the main thing to get yourself ready for this post. You must have a grip on Comptia networks like CASP etc. to have a hold over this task. You should consistently work and learn to become a professional hacker with the CEH certification online course. It will boost up your career and future as this is what most companies need nowadays.

Why there is a Need for Ethical Hackers?

To get your company and system secured, the need for ethical hackers is a must. You cannot bug out all the malware items from your systems by hiring different people every day. It also increases the risk of your privacy and can lead to further cybercrimes. Therefore, the ethical hacking team is necessary to get a fully secured environment and system in your company.

Large corporations have a full-time ethical hacking team that is professionally certified who deals with hacking problems as a part of their daily job.