Top 10 Information Security Tools (Kali Linux, NMap, Whitehat, etc.)

Top 10 Information Security Tools (Kali Linux, NMap, Whitehat, etc.)

Ethical hacking and pen-testing were only practiced by a handful of InfoSec experts in the past. Nowadays, there are plenty of individuals that can do the cyber incident reporting. This could only be pulled off due to the presence of multiple information security tools and the ample access of the professionals to these software systems. These tools allow you to find vulnerabilities, search for potential nodes of the breach, and eradicate such weaknesses with just a single click.

Following is a list of top 10 InfoSec tools that are practiced and used globally;

John the Ripper

This is the most promising tool for password cracking and testing the strength of various passwords and credentials, as well. This tool uses the brute force technology to decipher or break password security and to be used as an InfoSec tool. This is an open-source tool, which means anyone can use it and tweak it to the best of their use. This tools is compatible and can be used with multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac, and or Android.


Nmap or otherwise known as network mapper I an auditing tool used by InfoSec professionals to perform an audit of various OS-based network systems. This is among the most oldest InfoSec tool in existence and still receive yearly updates consistently. It can help you with any network-based IT investigation and provide the fastest results possible. Following tasks can be well executed with Nmap;

  • Audit device security
  • Detects or investigate remote hosts, i.e., open ports on remote hosts
  • Network mapping
  • Finding potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses among a network
  • Launching DNS based queries among domains and subdomains


Kali Linux

Kali Linux is not an overtly covered or hidden operating system from the InfoSec professionals, but it is still an operating system for the most part. Although it favors the presence of various penetration and InfoSec security tools within its framework that can be sued for investigation among forensics and different types of security systems as well. You can track, deploy, configure, search for potential weaknesses, and find other vulnerabilities among networking, auditing, and various operating systems. The various tools used from the Kali Linux operating system include;

  • Aircrack-ng
  • Hydra
  • Wireshark
  • Skipfish
  • Nessus



Netsparker is the most accurate automated tool that can be used to find various vulnerabilities in various networking and operating systems. The vulnerabilities usually unearthed consist of Cross-site scripting and SQL injections. The devices will provide you with accurate results every time and not the false positive so that you won't have plenty of hours wasted just like that using manual testing methods. Although it is only available to be used on the Windows platform or through online web sources.


The retina is not just your simple web application tool through which you can find a list of potential vulnerabilities in security networks and related systems. It provides with something more than that; it can carry out a series of Pentesting assessments and routine tests to make sure that there aren't any vulnerabilities and or weaknesses in your system lurking around. It comes out or is available as a retina community tool or package; it is a commercial product that requires little to no maintenance and is fully automated, which means you won't have to regulate its functioning manually. Available at various operating systems such as Windows, Kali Linux, and Mac or Android.

Social Engineer Toolkit

Social engineering attacks are the most complicated and technical cyber-attacks that are not only difficult to identify but also, it is tough to comprehend their execution. But with the help of the social engineering toolkit, the identification and or processing of these attacks that target human behavior becomes very easy. Although it should be mentioned that the tool should be used for Ethical or White hat hacking purposes purely otherwise, there can be unsegmented consequences.


Nessus is not only a complete cybersecurity suite that helps in the identification of various vulnerabilities present taming systems but can also work as a scanner for virus/malware protection and other known security breaches. It can help with IP scanning, sensitive data breaches, scanning various components of the websites, and finding out vulnerabilities and weak spots in real-time. The software is also compatible with various operating systems, including Kali Linux, Windows, Mac, and or android systems.


The most advanced cybersecurity testing tools that can create a favorable Pentesting environment for professionals. It works on the concept of exploiting the security systems by entering or bypassing the security. When opened, it creates a payload that is a code that performs certain operations on the targeted machine; this, in turn, creates a favorable Pentesting environment for the professionals to work within. 

It can be used with network servers, web applications, and other operating systems. It can work perfectly with Windows, Kali Linux, Mac, and Android systems.


Whitehat is a robust tool that brings into account the use of various tools, Software, and other Pentesting fundamentals, all of which together can help to create a safe working environment throughout the software development lifecycle. Perform numerous scanning illustrations, check the integration of various working systems, and provide accurate results in real-time.

If you want to learn information security tools, then the best way is to enroll in the best information security courses aligned with those tools, practice with them, how they operate, what are the various fundamentals that are covered with these specified tools, and how you can use them to your advantage or specific working?

AirCrack-ng is a customized and secured network security suite that can work around various security formats such as 802.11 WEP and or WPA-PSK network systems. You can add particular layers of security to make your networking systems are secure from cybercriminals and potential hackers simultaneously. It works by capturing various network packets, which are then properly analyzed and used to crack the   Wi-Fi access. Aircrack-ng consists of a fancy terminal-based interface that provides the users with central control of various operations going through. It is only compatible with Kali Linux systems, excluding Windows and other operating systems.