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  1. AWS Security Engineer certification vs Azure Security Engineer certification: Which to Choose

    Aws Security Engineer Certification Vs Azure Security Engineer Certification: Which to Choose

    Categories: Learning
    When it comes to choosing between the AWS and Azure security engineer certification, many professionals don’t seem to get around choosing between these two. Both of these certifications cater to the same technical ailments; whether it is for the Azure or AWS systems, the only difference arises between the infrastructure as both AWS and Azure systems have different technicalities. Both host data on their own infrastructure and that is where the significant difference occurs. Other than that both offer the same knowledge such as managing, implementing, and designing the architecture of the cloud but in accordance with their respective cloud architecture.
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  2. 5 highly paid cybersecurity certifications in South Africa

    5 Highly-Paid Cybersecurity Certifications in South Africa

    Categories: Learning , Cyber Security
    South Africa enjoys a distinct approach to cybersecurity and IT development, there are various different IT and cyber parks that ensure smooth sailing for various conglomerates and enterprises seeking IT and cloud-based solutions from them. That is why the requirement for new professionals that have a dedicated skillset regarding networking security, enterprise development, and operations security has increased over the years. Not only handsome salary packages are being offered but these professionals are also promised job stability. So, why not cash some of this opportunity if you are a cybersecurity professional? Following are the most potentially vibrant cybersecurity titles that pay extremely well;   
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  3. CRISC Certification overview and career path

    CRISC Certification overview and career path

    Categories: Career Driven , Learning
    If you are an IT professional then you already know how important it is to continually upgrade your present skillset to look out for more promising and enticing opportunities out there and to remain consistent in this pursuit. There are tons of different cybersecurity certifications out there that can help you to upskill your game and making you eligible for more promising positions and job roles. The topic of discussion for today is the CRISC certification, in this article, you will come around what this certification is, what it does, how crucial it is to help you build a sound career, and most of them all what is its scope for the future;
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  4. A Guide to Information Security Certifications

    A Guide to Information Security Certifications

    Categories: Learning
    Many individuals are befuddled by the enormous number of information security certifications that are available today. A few people as of now have at least one and are hoping to grow, while others are simply beginning with certification and need a spot to begin. This guide means to helps with the two situations. Information security fundamental for each enterprise, regardless of its size. In this computerized world, organizations for the most part depend on data storage and transfer to play out specific tasks. The use of data has expanded business gainfulness and productivity. Simultaneously, it additionally has potential security chances that could destroy an organization.
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    Why Infosec Academy Is The Best Place To Get Cybersecurity Training From

    Categories: Learning
    In today's world, nobody is sheltered from cyber assaults. Regardless of whether there is a little online store or a leading organization, everyone needs to ensure the information. To address these difficulties, companies need qualified cybersecurity experts. There are a huge number of employment opportunities for digital security experts all through the world, and insufficient authentic experts to fill them.
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  6. Top 3 Ethical Hacking Certifications to Consider

    Top 3 Ethical Hacking Certifications to Consider

    Categories: Learning , Ethical Hacking

    Certified ethical hacking expert is someone who has the distinctive knowledge of various IT-based operations and how breaches take place, and what are its multiple consequences? Apart from knowing these nitty-gritty details, these professionals are also indulged within the implementation, development as well as the deployment of these new details. CEH professionals have extensive knowledge of various IT-based systems and have professional grip overall small features that distinguish the wannabees from the professionals.

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