Cyber industry has managed to outgrow its previous disabilities and problems which didn’t fit into syntax with users and managenmt bodies regarding IoT (interment of things). Everything is far more secure and reliable to use than ever before, processes, devices and systems all run on the elite levels of the cyber security features and functions. But to make the assumptions that everything is secure at all times from any potential act of cyber violence or breach is not true and an engaging statement to put forth.

Cyber criminals, activists and hackers at all times try their level best to present the companies/organizations with new and improved problems, cyber anomalies, security breaches and data theft. This is where the need of a cyber official who can not only think like the culprits but also can provide with related function comes into the play. This is where the jobs featuring certified ethical hackers or penetration testers come forth.

Why you should be interested in CEH?

Well, there are a plenty of reasons for which you should not only be intrigued but also very interested in the respective field. CEH or certified ethical hacker is responsible for the testing, development, interpreting and configuring various security related functions and features for the companies/corporates. On the other hand such professional is also extremely in demand to have tested these functions/features to make sure that all of the new and current cyber and security settings are safe, fully tested and don’t impose any risk or notion of a cyber threat.

You can find authentic information regarding CEH certification online and find the potential sources of exam preparation, taking the study material and communicating with other professionals. 

Being a CEH you will be tasked with providing your advice/recommendations to the dedicated companies/organizations directing to various security systems and what needs to be changed and what modifications need to be brought into consideration.

You must think like a cyber criminal to stop the real cyber criminals from getting into the network systems and causing cyber havoc. Think like a hacker so you can be a step ahead in this game and surprise the opponents when they can’t hack or penetrate a cyber system rendered safe by the security infrastructure planted by you. If you don’t think that a dedicated setting or system falls into a perfect piece for the entire security array then that systems has to go, period. Being this professional also entails that you don’t only think things through but also being sturdy and strong make difficult decisions.

If you are currently working as a network administrator or security implementation expert at a particular firm or organization, then you can easily take a CEH exam and nail it in an actual sense as well. This exam is not as difficult as CISSP (other security credential many professionals feel interested about) that’s why not so much high paying as well. But the chances are that if you had the basic training in the network administration and security implementation, then you will get along just fine.

Job Description/Responsibilities of CEH (certified ethical hacker)

Being a certified ethical hacker you would have to convene yourself onto a dynamic array of responsibilities, some of them require a good practice over your professional skills while others not so much. The first and foremost duty/skills that these professionals have to fulfill is that they should have a decent grip over communication verbal expression of their thoughts. What good is a professional if they can’t communicate their way through a clumsy audience? That is why having strong notion of communicative and collaborative skills is a must have for this job and what the normal version of job responsibilities for this job entails.

Not only these professionals are required to scan the networking system of the organizations for potential vulnerabilities but also to implement various security systems to make sure that these exposed elements are properly contained and don’t offer any threats in the future.

This may include scanning networking systems, tackling harmful element such as malware, Trojans, viruses, ransomware and others. It also includes installing firewalls, using knowledge of cryptography for inducing advanced security as well as performing penetration testing to make a network free from cyber breaches.        

Cost/Fees for the exam

CEH or certified ethical hackers provide the systems with the best of technical and aesthetic care there is but have you ever thought what does it actually cost to become a CEH professional in the first place? Well, it is not like that you would have to spend a fortune over this course but it also doesn’t come any cheaper. The point here is that you need not only be willing to take this course but also finding that vivid voice which resonates with your decision of going through with it. That being said the official fee for the CEH certification is somewhat about in the range of $450-600 depending on the geographic distribution or your exam vendor.

CEH costs a lot more than CISA, not only in terms of the certification fees and test preparation but also trying to renew the certification after the dedicated time period is over. Whereas CISA is more affordable and the chances of clearing the test are also very bright as opposed to the CEH certification. If you don't have much, to begin with then definitely the CISA should be your ultimate choice.

Final Thoughts

It is recommended that you indulge yourself in some other cyber security certification before taking on the CEH such as Security+ certification. The main reason is that the CEH certification requires an additional 2 year experience from the professionals.

Only after you have completed your Security+ training/certification should you move towards acquiring the CEH certification training. The cyber market is extensible; there are a lot of opportunities for beginners and experts alike, you just need to be consistent and carry on with acquiring more practical knowledge of the cybersecurity systems for landing yourself a decent career in the long run.