Penetration Testing also is known as Pen Testing is a security assessment technique. A method for testing a web application, computer system or network to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. A pen test is an authorized cyber-attack to evaluate the security of a computer system. It is one of the most common and widely used techniques to discover vulnerable areas in websites and network infrastructure. It can also help software developers to find out where the security vulnerabilities lie in source code.

Penetration Test Tools:

To execute and complete penetration testing, accurate security assessment tools are used that include application scanners, vulnerability scanners, and port scanners. As new threats are identified, new tools are also manufactured accordingly. Therefore, people around the world take pentesting training which provides you the best knowledge of pen test tools. So, one can easily do security assessments as a pro.

Qualities of Good Penetration Test Tools:

Here are mentioned some good qualities of the best penetration test tools:

  • Tools that can quickly discover the vulnerable areas of a target organization.
  • Tools that balance both cost and benefits.
  • Tools that can create logical concepts to manifest the risk of vulnerability.
  • Tools that keep themselves updated on their skills.
  • Tools that offer suitable methods and procedures to reduce the chances of vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.
  • Tools that can easily evaluate security by just using a browser.
  • Tools that are smart enough to reduce your engagement with pen-testing.

Best Pen Test tools for Best Security:

 Following are 5 best penetration test tools to perform best penetration test practices to secure your network:


Metasploit is on top of the list among the easily available penetration test tools. It is the most popular pen test tool that has been used by cybersecurity professionals for years. It is a tool used by both attackers and defenders. It gathers information about vulnerabilities and creates readymade exploits to check the security of a computer system. It is a security assessment tool that also improves security awareness along with verifying vulnerabilities. Metasploit includes privilege escalation, DNS server, sniffer, remote key loggers, and pivoting tools. It supports hundreds of exploits and then picks an exploit to configure it with a remote IP (Internet Protocol) address. It also supports common payloads such as a reverse shell to establish proof of concept. It configures payload with a localized IP (Internet Protocol) address and then executes exploit. Metasploit will help you even if you want to check the security against older vulnerabilities.


Wireshark is another foremost network protocol analyzer that is regarded among best pen test tools. It provides a microscopic view of actions happening in your network. Wireshark is a handy pen test tool that provides deep inspection of hundreds of network protocols, assesses vulnerabilities of a network protocol and exploits the data organization by forms and applications. It is a multi-platform that runs on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, BSD, and many others. It even provides offline analysis. It uses pcap for live capturing data packets that investigate features of packets, like their origin, destination, and protocol used. Captured packets can be browsed using the GUI or TShark. Coloring rules can also be applied to packets for quick analysis.

Network Mapper or Nmap:

As the name indicates this penetration test tool that performs mapping of network attack surfaces. It can create a virtual map of the network segment at any phase of pen-testing. It is used to determine unknown holes and weaknesses in a network, it is actually a scanner that scans advanced vulnerabilities of a network; both large or small networks. It aids in understanding the characteristics of any target network like an available host in a computer network, information about services that are provided by hosts, types of the operating system being used and packet filters or firewalls—all by sending packets and analyzing the responses. Network mapper had built-in features that aids to automate any testing process. It can also run on almost all the major operating systems like Linux, Windows, macOS, and BSD. It is a free pen test tool that can be downloaded easily.

John the Ripper or JTR:

John the Ripper is the best and latest pen-testing tool. It is the fastest tool to discover types of holes and weaknesses of passwords in a system or database. It is basically used in pen testing for the purpose of password cracking, using a number of password crackers in a single package. It is also used to test various dictionary attacks. It comprises a list of words that are usually in a dictionary. Words in the list are most complex and popular that could likely be a password. It often tries alternatives to dictionary words to determine passwords. A dictionary attack only uses the possibilities which are most likely to succeed. John the Ripper also offers brute force attack to guess accurate passwords. A brute force attack is a very fast method to identify short passwords. Shorter passwords are easy to crack than longer ones and Ripper provides both; method to determine either short or long passwords. This pen test tool runs on most of the environments but it was primarily launched for UNIX. It is a simple and free tool that can be used online and offline as well.

Net sparker:

Net sparker is a web application security scanner used in pen-testing. It has built-in features that provide all web security needs on a single platform. It is a multi-user web application security solution that identifies and detects vulnerabilities. Net sparker is a stable, versatile and accurate scanner that provides automation and scalability that automatically scans and verifies all the web security application management. It has unique scanning technologies that verify the vulnerabilities after exploiting and testing them to prove real, not false positives and hence reduces the need for manual verification.

These are the 5 penetration test tools known for their great performance and professional use. People do take training to learn them as by that they can get a successful job in any organization as security assessment techniques are not something that everyone knows. The experts of these techniques are able to handle the tools well and provide excellent results.

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