Cybersecurity is facing an enhanced level of crimes the hackers are innovative new ideas to betrayed the advanced security level. According to the Threatscape report 2019. cybersecurity is becoming a game of cat and mouse that are running over each other to meet security needs. This intelligence report was developed and taken into notice by Accenture iDefence team who Look upon examining the report of the first six months of the Year. They found out the major five factors that are influencing the cyber threat landscape. However, the report is of almost more than 100 pages but those related to network security surfaced below: 1. Disinformation and technology evolution:

This factor is about the discussion of facts that are emerging from the combination of disinformation and Technology evolution. This report is linking disinformation to that of hacking and security. Whenever cyber-attacks are enabled or in the process by global connectivity then there is the use of those resources again to create disinformation and results as hacking. In the 2019 report writer device several techniques to spread this information, which includes:

  • The informational operations that are capable by the increased speed of communication can cause a series of threats or situations which could cause distributed denial of service nullification and drawing on cyber threat operations.
  • The other possible technique, which results in the increase of this information is the creation of authentic profiles to create integrity towards the client.
  • Increase speed of 5G networks has also increased the expectation of the source creating disinformation. Without a doubt, cybercriminals want to influence on 5G users and is a major technique of disinformation.
  • Another technique could be the use of photos and videos against the rival company to blackmail those. Such resources are on major targets by the aid of social networks. There is also a discussion of many different case studies in the report. This report also describes that TTPS i.e. tactics techniques and procedures provide new ways and techniques to get rid of these issues.

 2The evolution in cyber-crime organization and methods:

No doubt, that the financial gain of these cyber-criminals is leading to the evolution of cybercrime daily. There are also trying to get on hand with the latest technology and working hard to make new strategies to get secret access to organizations. The report categorizes this evolution into four major labels, which are:

  • Conventional cyber-crime operations:

Cyber-crimes have shifted open partnership models towards the close-knit syndicates this has occurred due to the high-profile enforcement activities.

  • Localized cyber-crime:

Local economies are increasing with increased targets due to know-how with their societies and cultures.

  • Targeted attacks:

These attacks are the major events and are financially supportive. There is an increase in crime wire when you must download all purchasing options present from the market places and legitimate penetration testing tools become frequent.

  • Hack 'n' hustle:

A new technique and threat to increase cyber-attack is to gain access to the network and then sold out this network in illicit ways. The authors in this report identified almost two groups that could be responsible for working on this technique some analyst is also shown to some extent that one of these groups includes Remote Desktop protocol RDP and some link connections.

 3. Mixed movies create new risks in ransomware:

This cybersecurity attack is about the interactions among humans and delivering spams or intrusions. For example, opening any malicious email. Some of the hackers use this ransomware for destructive and malicious purposes. These attacks could be financial, ideological, or political depending on the motives of the attacker. This report devised several ways to get rid of these attacks like backing up data or anti-virus software updated.

 4. Supply chain risks and M&A:

In the report of 2019, you can see that the most targeted organizations are smaller ones. The reason behind it is that they connect to the large and successful organizations. Usually, the smaller organizations are new in the market and they do not have a good security base. Also, they took aid, which can be virtually or physically from those organizations with greater scope. These hackers have identified these supply chains as the best means to attack any organization. These supply chains can devastate hosting, accounting providers or financial transactions. Case studies are also discussed in this report, which talks about providing security to a healthcare provider. M&a are presenting ideal challenges to enhance cybercrime campaigns because a vulnerability in one campaign can result in the production of new vulnerabilities or it could inherit a new victim as well.

 5. The cloud prompts side-channel vulnerabilities:

Cloud channels are offering well-documented benefits, most of the business has moved towards the cloud. On one side, it has benefits but on the other side, it has some adversaries as well such as the side-channel vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities often affect microprocessors and workstations, but the major risk would be to cloud computing. Another way to create vulnerability or to access these channels is multi-tenant public services, which are usually successful. According to deep research and critical analysis, these side-channel vulnerabilities are limiting the traditional boundaries and increasing the customer’s risk.

Data security must be a priority for any organization. Any attack on data could result in many severe conditions, and it could even finish your business.

So, a proper security setup with a devised and the latest ways must be introduced and keep in the notice by the companies. Cybersecurity is a continuous process rather than an event. The vulnerabilities and attacks are becoming more defined and long-lasting. If a process is resolving an issue at a point, maybe that process will not work at the other instant, because of innovating ways of hackers to attack. Security challenges are the best business views that can even change them into disruptive forces. This report also declares that there are steps to secure that company enterprise but again it will vary according to the attacks. Network security training for employees is now necessary and came into practice to train security-handling employees. This will help them greatly to bug out these security issues and stop the cybercrimes. 

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