There is something that you need to understand to progress further within the IT industry; it is the latest trends that continue to change and get upgraded very often. It is essential to stay up to date with these ever-changing trends or events; this is where the new certifications regarding InfoSec services come into play.

Organizations are continuously looking for new professionals with updated knowledge on the systems or tools which can not only benefit their business but also make the process of deployment more subtle.

If you have landed on this article because you need to update your current knowledge on the topic, then we are here to help. Go through the following content, and you shall have an updated insight on the very topic you have searched for;

CISSP- Certified information system security professional from ISC2

The main events involved in this certification are described later; first, you need to understand the origin of this certification. The CISSP certification is an advanced level certification that is provided by the ISC2. The actual working of this professional is rather tricky or otherwise too complex to be understood by any beginner whatsoever. The main events involved within this certification include the development, management, and implementation of IT security systems, standards and policies.

According to a survey, it was observed that CISSP certification is the most sought after certification not only by the IT professionals but also within the security organizations and IT standards. If you want to pursue a career within this certification, then you will be tasked with the management, implementation, and regulation of various IT-based rules.

The main objectives of this professional are to conduct IT security testing such as Pentesting, up-gradation of the current security protocols over the networking systems, and other management-related tasks as well. Another vital aspect of the IT industry in which these professionals are indulged in includes software development and operation management. The overall experience of about two years is required by the professionals looking forward to indulging in this certification.

CompTIA Security+

This also is an advanced level certification in which professionals from all around the globe indulge and take part on a yearly or monthly basis. A 2-year experience is also required by the professionals who seek this particular certification; the experience of working should be among the fields of network security, threat management, operations management, and risk management systems. If you want to pursue this unique type of certification, then you will have to appear in an exam which after passing, you can apply in various companies requiring senior or executive posts among the related areas.

You must be thinking that although it is an older certification among the field of IT, why it should be in demand in 2020? The main reason is that basic or core IT principles, policies, and standards won't change even if you move on a couple more years into the future. There will always be a need for security experts regarding networking systems, cryptographers, and asset and threat management professionals. This is why CompTIA Security+ certification is still in demand and rolling again.


CISM—Certified information security manager     

This professional is best suited or trained enough to provide management, development, and overseeing various IT-based resources for enterprise-level applications and related IT-based industries. Audit, control, and security of the sensitive information systems should be implemented to the highest standards and this is why these professionals come into play. You would have to learn information security online not only to develop the taste of the skills but also to develop the overall concept of how information systems work.

This is the highest caliber information technology job that requires no less than five years of experience among specialized IT-based systems such as security, information technology systems, backup technology, and various other protocols as well. A mix of education and experience is required to excel in this field. Strategic alignment of the systems, overseeing different IT-based fundamentals as well as risk management is being taken up by these professionals.

Apart from managing various aspects of the businesses, you mustn’t lose the sight of which resources need up-gradation and provide the company or enterprise with those required resources. If you don’t pass the exam, then you can again apply for the exam and make sure that you give it the highest level of dedication.

CEH—Certified ethical hacker 

As you can gather from the context of this professional that it is related to the hacking of the systems. Here some regulation is required to clarify things for non-IT professionals. Hacking here is not implemented to negate harm or stealing information or data of personnel. These are known as white hat or ethical hackers. These hackers are not intended to provide damage to the enterprise data but use their specialized knowledge and resourceful skills gathered throughout their working experience to detect various anomalies among the IT-based systems.

If you want to pursue this specific type of certification, then you will have to check, spectate or test various IT-based systems for obvious reasons for cyber breaches and the possibility of other critical attacks. Networks are scanned, firewalls tested, specific environments are built for the sake of penetration testing. Using all these methodologies, you can best work up your skills to solve various IT-based problems and make sure that these problems don’t occur again.

The verdict here is that all these certifications are crucial and are required by various IT-based enterprises. Even in the year 2020, you will have to entitle yourselves among either of these certifications listed above to go over and beyond. InfoSec learning should not be limited to only learning a couple of things and then shutting out any other stream or ray of knowledge whatsoever. You need to continually update yourself to the latest working standards of IT to excel among various derivatives or IT fields.