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Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson
Information Security Instructor

Paul Jackson is a Computer Security professional, working in the field of Application, and Product Security. As an Application Security Generalist, he has experience in Secure Software Development, Security Automation, SAST / DAST tools, and Mitigation Strategy. He also has extensive experience in Software Security, Code reviews, Design reviews and Security Architecture.

  1. CISA Cheat Sheet

    CISA Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Cheat Sheet
    The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a world-renowned certification that certifies you have the expertise in IT/IS auditing, security and control. With over 151,000 CISA certification holders, it’s also one of the most popular certifications in the IT world. Since you’re reading this cheat sheet, it’s highly likely you already know this, so the following includes some of the basics found in the CISA. To learn even more, our can help. to learn about our CISA training. 
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  2. What Are the Data Security Fundamentals for Remote Learning?

    What Are the Data Security Fundamentals for Remote Learning?

    Categories: Data Science
    Nowadays, almost every other person works or study at their home. As confirmed by the study, all over the globe there are recently more than 1.3 billion people in around 187 states affected because of the current pandemic situation. Whereas the demonstration of human flexibility in the response to this pandemic is really impressive, it might pose further challenges to data security. Offering complete data security for the newest people of remote faculty and applicants is a mixture of expertise and strategy, and a way where these two aspects are working together. However, policies all over the companies are often the same in the context of leading which kind of data is going to be kept, at what place we keep it, at what duration we store it, as well as the ways to secure data at the endpoint.
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  3. What Is Devsecops? How to Implement it in Your Organization

    What Is Devsecops? How to Implement it in Your Organization

    Nowadays, cyberattacks are turned out to be more common and severe, and it cost businesses nearly $650 billion - on yearly basis. In case it is done correctly, the implementation of DevOps must bring effective outcomes to any company. It brings enhanced collaboration among teams, a quick time for marketing, upgraded inclusive efficiency, and improved consumer satisfaction. All the same, DevSecOps is another stage of safe DevOps operation.
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  4. How to Convince Your Boss to Take Security and Compliance Seriously

    How to Convince Your Boss to Take Security and Compliance Seriously

    In this digital world, it is believed, one of the hardest things that IT experts do - is talking to their boss about security. You can report to the director, supervisor, or even the C-Suit itself. Either way, it can be tricky because your boss probably doesn’t know it, let alone many of the concepts being discussed. Time is precious to add things even more, so you have to drive upside down. You may need to show up in a few minutes, which can confuse people. And even if your organization has a specific goal, your boss is likely to manipulate someone. On the other hand, one must make sure about the below-mentioned facts before heading towards the boss:
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  5. Top 5 Email Security Best Practices to Prevent Malware Distribution

    Top 5 Email Security Best Practices to Prevent Malware Distribution

    With time, the occurrences of malware attacks have significantly increased as compared to the previous times. Not surprisingly, many organizations are high on the 2021 list of priorities for prevention and response planning for ransomware. And those who aren’t thinking about what else they can do should probably seek help, and better prepare their organizations for this type of attack.
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  6. What Are the First Steps in Navigating Your Hardware Security Journey?

    First Steps to Navigate Your Hardware Security Journey

    It is believed that every journey begins with the first step. The road to hardware - security is no different, but it may give a daunting impression, especially when you think about the constant and dangerous monitoring of cybercrime data. As security technology has become more sophisticated, cybercriminals have expanded their approach to targeting more secure targets, many of which exist at the hardware level. From individuals to government groups, security threats today and tomorrow are felt throughout the ecosystem, from the first vendor to the end-user.
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  7. Why You Should Be Spending More on Security

    2021's Importance of Spending More on Security

    It is natural for companies to focus on resilience, investing time, effort, and resources to improve their security to withstand the ever-changing threatening landscape. While not yet a significant portion of total business outflow, spending on security is growing in many organizations in hopes of protecting digital assets. However, investing is no longer a cure and does not guarantee greater resilience in the organization. Reasonable and appropriate spending is indeed a challenge to maximize return - on - investment.
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  8. CCNP Cheat Sheet

    CCNP Cheat Sheet - 2021 Edition

    Categories: Cisco , Cheat Sheet
    Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) is a group of certifications that prepares you for professions in the IT field. They explore the core concepts and knowledge you need to excel in your IT career. Since there are seven CCNP certifications, there is a wide range of selections for those seeking more experience, knowledge and preparation in the work force. The current CCNP certifications are:
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