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Abdul Mujeeb

Abdul Mujeeb
Abdul Mujeeb
Training Operations manager

Abdul Mujeeb is a Training Operations manager at QuickStart Technologies. He has over 10+ years of managing varied domains of technical side of businesses from Implementation, Consultation, and Architecture Solutions for Startup. Apart from that he also has expertise around Security+, CEH, CCNA, Web Development, Software Development & integration, Information System, Project Manager Implementation, SQA & Architecture Development, and IT Consultation for Startups.

  1. C.I.S.S.P. Cheat Sheet

    C.I.S.S.P. Cheat Sheet

    Categories: Cheat Sheet

    Internet and web development sectors are evolving abruptly. The importance of information, data, and systems security is also becoming vital. To ensure the availability of relevant information, confidentiality, and integrity, a set of processes and methodologies is used that is called Information Systems Security or most commonly referred to as INFOSEC.

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  2. Authentication and Authorization: Mastering Security

    Authentication and Authorization: Mastering Security

    You might have come around the glimpse of security-related innovations that have been going on for the past decade or so and how serious enterprise security is these days. All of this is because of the consistent attacks and vicious plot cooked by cybercriminals and hackers as they rarely let an opportunity to attack or initiate a cyber breach slip right off their hands.
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  3. 10 Types Of  Computer Viruses

    10 Types Of Computer Viruses

    Categories: Cyber Security
    What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you see the word “computer security”? Virus, malware, hacking? Well, these all are inter-related and indeed the virus is the main danger. It can devastate a single program or even a whole system or network. The first virus that came into being was Creeper virus, infecting systems on the ARPANET. The first hacker-made virus was developed in 1981 and spread through Apple's floppy drives.
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  4. Information Security Best Practices and How to Adhere Them

    Information Security Best Practices and How to Adhere Them

    Information Security is the field of Cybersecurity which protects and secures the data of your company from all the unsanctioned incursions of the outside invades. The data of the company is referred to as the blood and it pumps through every server and network of the system which helps it to flourish and grow outside its premises. Therefore, this quintessential data must be protected.
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  5. Top Cybersecurity Trends that will Shape the Future

    Top Cybersecurity Trends that will Shape the Future

    It is the time when the internet has its say in every aspect of our lives. The world is being run by the internet right now. People from everywhere in the world are dependent on the internet in one manner or the other. All thanks to the popularity of social media, that people are now sharing their personal lives on the internet. And they do not even think about the consequences. With everything happening over the internet like banking and other things, it has made it much more complex. Because financial details, credit card credentials, and other sensitive details are connected and stored on the internet. All of this can be very bad because we are sharing all of our sensitive data, and if it reaches the wrong hands, it can be very harmful. Cybercriminals are out there looking for their prey like a hungry lion. They look for just a little mistake, and things are done. Your sensitive information is in their hands, and they can do anything with it. That is the reason cybersecurity is such a crucial problem for today's world.
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  6. Without Ethical Hacking Tools You Can't Live

    Whenever someone states the word 'hacking' or 'hackers', our mind quickly comes up with the illegal term associated with it. Hackers, generally gain access into the system of the organization by looking through all the vulnerabilities and susceptibilities of the network, thereby; manipulating them illicitly for their gain. By doing so, these hackers can breach into your sensitive data to steal the quintessential information. But do you have any idea that hacking can be done on legal and ethical terms? Proceed below to know more about the term 'Ethical Hacking'.
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  7. A Guide to Information Security Certifications

    A Guide to Information Security Certifications

    Categories: Learning
    Many individuals are befuddled by the enormous number of information security certifications that are available today. A few people as of now have at least one and are hoping to grow, while others are simply beginning with certification and need a spot to begin. This guide means to helps with the two situations. Information security fundamental for each enterprise, regardless of its size. In this computerized world, organizations for the most part depend on data storage and transfer to play out specific tasks. The use of data has expanded business gainfulness and productivity. Simultaneously, it additionally has potential security chances that could destroy an organization.
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  8. 10 Great CISSP Books and Study Guides for the CISSP Certification

    10 Great CISSP Books and Study Guides for the CISSP Certification

    Categories: Study Guides
    Coming in connection with a high paying cybersecurity career requires that you master the art or skills required to serve your post. Such as if you have decided to work your way up through the cyber digeridoo selecting a particular career such as CISSP or certified information systems security professional then you need to put in a lot of work. ISC2 offers the certification for CISSP and the examination is not only rigorous but contains extensive questions and testing of skills to validate yourself as a professional in the field. Therefore, having your hands on the right working material and books is an absolute necessity.
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