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Artificial Intelligence

  1. All About Python

    All About Python

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Career Driven , Programming Language , Learning , Technology Comparison

    Python is one of the most popular programming languages in existence, a distinction it has enjoyed for years. Programmers all over the world use Python for a variety of projects, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, desktop applications, and more. 

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  2.   How AI and ML are impacting cyber-security?

    How AI and ML are Impacting Cyber Security?

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Cyber Security
    The Internet has brought peace of mind not only to the people but digital industries and conglomerates as well, sharing of information is easier than ever, financial transactions are taking place at an optimal speed, messages are getting sent and received at blazing speeds. But at the same time, the events of cyber breaches and data thefts are taking place which presents a new chapter to the IT industry, going in war with these hackers and cybercriminals which doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Therefore, these enterprises are trying to leverage any arsenal they can find to combat these threats and neutralize the situation. Therefore, the use of AI and ML has increased over the years.
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  3. How Smart Cyber-Security Solutions Are Increasingly Powered By Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

    How Smart Cyber-Security Solutions are Increasingly Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Categories: Artificial Intelligence
    As businesses rely more and more on technology and have fully transitioned into the digital phase, cyber-security has become the topmost priority for all C-level executives. Data breaches are now more common than ever; more than 1.5 million records became a victim in January 2020 only.
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