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One of the best features of Expert Connect is your ability to post projects and to bid on projects posted by others. Just like any freelancer platform, we make sure that there is no foul play and that the rights of the person posting the project and the people working on the project are protected, but that is where our role ends. We do not charge you for posting a project and we do not get any kind of financial benefit out of it. This means that the total budget of the project goes straight to the people working on the project.

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Make Money While Building Your Resume

When you work on a project posted by a fellow member of Expert Connect, you are not only getting paid in terms of money, you will also be able to put that project on your resume. If you help someone build an app, or a website, or a software application for their suite, that kind of experience will do wonders for your profile.

It will make it easier for potential hirers to search for you for similar projects. You can put that on your Expert Connect profile, on your LinkedIn and Indeed profile, and on your resume. The work experience alone is worth its weight in gold, and when you add to it the fact that you are getting paid for it and learning new skills along the way while making valuable connections in the industry, that just takes it to the next level.

Give and Get Reviews

When you bid on a project and the original poster assigns you a task to work on for an agreed upon price, you get to work right away and get the job done. At the end of the project, you should ask the original poster to write a review about you, and you should write a review about them. These reviews will tell all the other members of the community what to expect when working with you, and will serve as a great way for potential employers to do their homework on you when considering you for a job. A rave review from a subject matter expert will instantly establish you as a highly skilled professional in your domain.

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