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An Information Security Workforce Readiness Platform Using AI and Adaptive Learning for InfoSec Certification Training to Achieve Business Goals

Information Security Certification   |   Prevent Cyber Threats  |   Accelerate Your Career

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What We Do?

We specialize in offering highly personalized information security certification training to help you master the skills to achieve business goals, including:

  • The latest and greatest IT & Security Education Tools
  • Putting cyber criminals out of business
  • Security awareness and anti-phishing

For Businesses

How We Do It:

We approach information security training very differently:

Workforce Readiness

Workforce Readiness

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

Cloud Certification

InfoSec Certification

We have developed industry’s #1 Cyber Security Workforce Readiness Platform (CLIPP) that ties business goals to training. We use AI and Adaptive Learning Technology to personalize the learning experience that is tied to individual and team goals. We offer the most advance cloud certification training library.

As you learn, you can see that your workforce readiness index goes up and your competency gap against your business goals reduces.

This is the true ROI on training dollars.

As continuous delivery and continuous monitoring metrics Change, CLIPP platform provides continuous learning recommendations.

For Businesses


You made an investment in cyber technology- hardware and software to achieve cyber threat goals. Will you be able to sleep well at night knowing your cyber threat goals will be achieved by just buying technology? Absolutely not- You will not be able to achieve goals by just making an investment in technology. You must invest in training & up-skilling yourself and your team to achieve your information security goals.

Another growing trend in learner behavior and disengagement is that a) training is not engaging with no retention and b) there is no accurate way to measure ROI on your training dollars. is the largest and fastest growing catalog that give you access to:

Certifications And Adaptive Learning Paths

Certifications & Adaptive Learning Paths offers certifications, exams, and a adaptive learning paths that are personalized based on your goals.

Expert Coaching & Professional Mentoring

Expert Coaching & Professional Mentoring

We empower your learning experience by providing Information Security experts and professionals ready to answer your questions.

Virtual Labs And Informal Learning

Hands-On Virtual Labs & Informal Learning

We deliver real hands-on virtual labs and map informative a.i. curated content to support your learning experience.

Analytical Insights Workforce Readiness

Analytical Insights & Workforce Readiness offers powerful personal insights to guide and deliver workforce readiness for you or your organization.


Our Customers Love Us, And We Love Our Customers

Ellen Monroe
5-Star Review

InfoSec Expert

" is probably the most complete e-Learning platform for InfoSec Industry and I have got an active Subscription of it so that I can learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the knowledge that I have. Information Security Industry changes rapidly and it is vital to follow and learn industry trends as soon as possible and can help me achieve just that."

Jane McKinsey
Jacob Miller
5-Star Review

Security Consultant

"I’ve been asked several times a day by professionals in InfoSec Industry and by aspirant beginners as to what is the best e-Learning platform for InfoSec courses and certifications and without any doubt I tell them about It is complete, has the latest courseware, it has got everything for every level of the learner."

Samual Forn
Mateo Hamilton
5-Star Review

Sr. Cloud Security Engineer

" I did my Certified Cloud Security certification from and I am more than satisfied, I am now planning my next Certification. The courseware is the latest, and the instructor had complete knowledge of the subject which is the most important deal maker for me. He taught me in the easiest manner possible, I have got a grasp over the entire courseware and that led to promotion from Cloud Security Engineer to a senior post. "

Seth Walker

Learn From The Best Instructors are some of the best experts and instructional designers in the IT industry, with knowledge spanning across several different topics including big data, cloud, security and more. Here is what they and their students have to say:


Zsolt Nagy

Zsolt Nagy is a web development team lead, mentor, and software engineer living...


Joe Holbrook

Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to...

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Arrow Is Democratizing The Cyber Security Learning Experience With The Following:

  • • Offering a completely free plan to the InfoSec community.
  • • Evangelizing InfoSec with community experts & trainers
  • • Creating a continuously evolving learning journey
  • • Training in emerging InfoSec trends and up-and-coming technologies
  • • Crowdsourcing your contributions to the community of experts
  • • Offering a platform to author and create courses for profit

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